About Me


My name is Harshrajsinh Jhala. I am a budding new writer who writes on different topics.I did my schooling and Engineering from Bhavnagar. I further did my MBA from B.K.School of Management Ahmedabad.

Step by step blogging guide is my blogging journey in detail. In the posts, I would explain how and why I started blogging, what all needs to be done. I am not going to teach you any money making tricks or expertise. It is just a common man’s guide to blogging and my experiences.

My other blogs include:

  1. blazingwriter.com (Contemporary topics, mostly abstract, based on human imagination and self belief)
  2. managementfrommoviesandseries.com (For movies and series lovers, management made easy)
  3. booksummariesandlearnings.com (For book lovers and enthusiasts)
  4. ancientindianscripturesteachus.com (Learning from ancient Indian mythology and scriptures)

Feel free to give comments or suggestions on any of my work.