An Introduction to Adsense:

Anybody starting a blog with monetization in sight should know about adsense. In this article, I will try to cover the basics which I learned during my journey.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a mechanism of Google that allows us to show relevant ads on a website.

Basically adsense gives you money for putting ads on your site. The type and colour of the ads can be chosen by us. Whether ads are seen or clicked, you receive money.

All you need to do is place a few lines of code on your site and adsense will start showing ads.

But prior to that, we need to sign up for adsense account which will go for Google’s approval.


Prerequisites for getting Adsense approval:

Site should have all useful pages like about us, Contact, Policy disclaimer.

It should have at least 25 to 30 original blog posts of over 600 words.

It is said that in some countries like India and China, it is required to have at least 6 months old site but there are many people who claim to have got approval within 1 month as well. But to be on safe side, one should seek approval after 3 months and posting over 30 posts.

Domain specific E-mail address and premium theme can also help the cause though they are not mandatory at all.


On what factors does adsense earning depend?

It depends mainly on your area of writing which is usually referred as Niche in blogging industry. The richer your niche, more you will be paid. Eg. A blogger reviewing sports car will certainly earn more per view then a blogger explaining cooking.

It also depends on traffic sources like whether it is coming from social media or search engines.

It depends on the country from which your traffic is coming. Eg. Visitors of US, UK would give you better rate than visitors from developing nations like India, China or Srilanka.

It also depends on selection of words in each post.


Impact of Keyword research:

As we discussed, adsense earning also depends on selection of words in our posts. For that, bloggers generally do keyword research. For that, you can also use a tool called Semrush. But it is a paid tool and you should use it only when you have faith in yourself that you will be receiving more than your investment in it. Basically, there are few keywords which rank higher, drive more traffic and help you getting more money.


Type of Adsense Ads:

Basic Content Ad units: They can be either Text ads and display ads. One can also use combined Text & Display ads which is generally preferred.

Link Ads: They are advertisements in form of links which when clicked by a visitor, he will reach landing page of advertiser.

Banner Ads: They are medium to large rectangle ads usually appearing at top of a website.

Anchor Ads: For mobile ads, they stick to edge of user’s screen and can be dismissed.

Vignette Ads: For mobile ads, it is shown when user leaves the site.


Is Adsense a way of making quick money?

It is certainly not a quick way of making money in days or even weeks.

It is a long process and initially for first 1000 subscribers also, payment received would be very less. It helps only when you have very large number of subscribers and visitors to your blog. It is certainly not a quick way of making money but in a long run, it is certainly worth it.

Hope the article helps!

Themes and design for new blog:


Theme is basically design and functionality of our website. It governs a lot of features and updates. Broadly there are two types of themes: free and premium. Premium themes have more attractive and intuitive appearance. Also their functionality includes more features.

For wordpress bloggers, following is some basic information on themes which I explored:

Appearance > Customize: To change the customizing as per your need. (Not there in all themes)

Appearance > Header: To change the header image

Different themes have different options.

Theme > Theme options > See docs— to study about how the theme works in detail. Usually not there in free themes.

The widgets which appear on blogs are governed from: Appearance > Widgets

One of a good site to download free theme is


Basic things to watch in theme:

WordPress compatible (Theme should be compatible with wordpress)

Mobile compatible (If you access your blog from mobile, no distortions happen)

Plugins compatibility (You should check what all plugins would be compatible to your theme)

Layout (2 columns, 3 columns or other)

Review (Usually you can find the ratings and reviews of all wordpress themes)


Process to use theme:

First download the theme.

Now go to install theme > Upload > Choose file > Install now > Activate



The layout, designing and structure which you see in blogs is usually governed from menu.

Dashboard > Appearance > Menu > Create Menu > Manage Location > Select Main menu

All the hierarchies can be governed from menus and submenus.


Premium themes:

Usually for more intuitive and attractive appeal, premium themes are being purchased. They can cost roughly from 30 USD to 100 USD and even more.

To buy premium themes, visit:

Usually, you can have a live preview. Then purchase the theme. After payment, you will receive an email which will have link to enable you to download that theme. Then download the theme. Double click (To unzip) on your downloaded zip file. It will have help file also. Make sure that while uploading, you do not upload this help file. Only upload wp.zipfile. Then theme > Install > themes > Upload > Choose file > Install > Activate.

Few of the good premium themes which I came across include The thinker, New road, Marlene and Lifestyle Pro. You can also find videos of all these themes on youtube to get more idea on how catchy they look and what could be advantages to have them.

Another good theme provider is Mojothemes.


Use premium theme for advanced usages, high level fame and e-commerce purposes.

This blog has normal free theme of 2016(Twenty Sixteen). For normal blogs and small audiences without any payment transactions, free theme is good enough.


Practice gives you a lot more help. The more you explore customize in appearance of your theme, the more you would be able to use wordpress platform to your advantage. There are lots of thing which you can do. Just get your hands dirty and start exploring the features one by one.